007 Champion Mindset with Jelena Mrdjenovich

Eight time World Boxing Champion Jelena Mrdjenovich guest stars on The Shift Show. Main points: supportive parents, passionate and caring coaches, being the best version of yourself, distractions are your worse enemy.

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008 Katelyn Scott Cares

In this episode of The Shift Show, Zac and Katelyn Scott discuss the challenges of caregiving for someone with Dementia.

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009 Healthy Eating with Guac Till You Drop

We sit down with foodie and recipe creator Kimberly Menard who shares her thoughts on healthy and nutritional eating. After cutting meat out of her diet three years ago, her quest to find more energy from food began. Kim then started ‘Guac till you drop’ on social media to help inspire others to eat healthy...

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010 Brené Brown is my spirit animal

At the end of February, a few of our staff went to Banff and attended The Gathering – an exclusive union of the world’s bravest brands. The keynote speaker was BrenĂ© Brown, a well-respected ‘shame and vulnerability’ researcher and storyteller. In this episode of the Shift Show, Zac talks with our very own Dr. Lindsay...

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012 Appetite for Life: The Psychology of Movement Lab with Myron Cossitt and Edward King

In our first official episode of Appetite for Life, Chantele and Kristi chat with Myron Cossitt and Edward King from Edmonton’s CrossFit Movement Lab. The duo created the business with the hopes of inspiring people to try new things in a safe environment. They encourage people to confront the things they want to change about...

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