023 Toxic Parents: Dealing with the fallout

Covering general patterns of toxicity rather than specific “Big T” Trauma. Focusing on doing what it takes to take care of yourself when you have had some of these non-nurturing elements early in development.

015 The transformative nature of stories with Dr. Kristine Wolski

Dr. Kristine Wolski discusses adult education and specializing in understanding how to help people grow, learn, share and change. She eventually focused on harnessing the power of narrative to affect real change in peoples lives. Allowing people to move away from their old frameworks of reference and make changes to affectively, in her particular case, stay out of prison.

Zac mentions that limiting beliefs can often be the destabilizing factor which undermines one’s personal story or myth. Kristine points out that there are foundational lessons that can be derived from stories in terms of not just, “what to do” but also, “what not to do”. 

011 The Shift Show Presents: Appetite for Life

Zac Erickson, Andrea McTague, Kristi Landry and Chantele Calapre tackle personal struggle

009 Healthy Eating with Guac Till You Drop

We sit down with foodie and recipe creator Kimberly Menard who shares her thoughts on healthy and nutritional eating. After cutting meat out of her diet three years ago, her quest to find more energy from food began. Kim then started ‘Guac till you drop’ on social media to help inspire others to eat healthy and get the nutrition they need. With over 2000 followers on Instagram, Kim is known for trying new recipes and experimenting with food. 

“Everyone should have a strong, foundational knowledge of nutrition,” Kim says. “Often times what we think is healthier actually isn’t. It’s important to understand what we are buying and why we are eating it.”

Visit Kim’s website to get inspired and access amazing healthy recipes!

Instagram: @guactillyoudrop

Facebook: Guac Till You Drop

008 Katelyn Scott Cares

In this episode of The Shift Show, Zac and Katelyn Scott discuss the challenges of caregiving for someone with Dementia.

007 Champion Mindset with Jelena Mrdjenovich

Eight time World Boxing Champion Jelena Mrdjenovich guest stars on The Shift Show. Main points: supportive parents, passionate and caring coaches, being the best version of yourself, distractions are your worse enemy.

006 The Cult Gathering with Andrea McTague and Dr. Lindsay Sewall

Every single person who works in your company is a brand ambassador. A company needs to clearly state it’s core values and hire employees that not only hold these core values in belief but also embody them through action.

005 Lets Talk About Sex with Natasha Helfer Parker

Natasha Helfer Parker runs an online and in-office practice where you can find life coaching and therapy solutions to a variety of issues you may be facing, regardless of geography and with a variety of providers who can offer different rates and times of availability.

004 People bug me but I have this pet that doesn’t…

Zac & Kristi discuss how pets can make Therapy and life in general less intimidating. Animal Assisted Therapy can help bring people into the moment and combat the anxiety that often comes with unfamiliar situations.

Animals will teach you patience and responsibility. Discipline and physical fitness seems to be a natural result of dog ownership in particular. Zac shared a story about having a Beta-Fish for his son to learn responsibility only to learn that they can survive almost anything.

Disclaimer: Kristi is not a certified Animal Assisted Therapist but she is working to get Gator certified in the near future!

003 Being incapable is a good starting point

We all have a pretty good idea of what we would call that nurturing system within ourselves to take care of and love children and other people that we love and that we want to take care of and appreciate in our lives. We can aim for that in ourselves in a way. Literally just take that same thing and you turn it on yourself and you can feel compassion for yourself.