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Zac Erickson
Show Host

When he is not immersed in creating magnificent mental fitness for clients, you could find him playing Mario Kart with his kids, or recording a podcast. He also is a total nerd, and loves geek culture, superhero movies, and cheap pizza on a Friday night. Zac is also the host and producer of the very popular Nintendo Dads Podcast.

Show Host

Her approach is all about looking at people like people, not disorders, and providing coaching for conquering those limiters. She’s about as open-minded and direct as they come, animated and full-on, but her real strength lies in a tenacity that knows no limits. She has worked in schools, non-profits and private practice, and brings a varied cultural and religious knowledge to her practice.

Andrea McTague
Show Host

Lindsay brings enthusiasm, warmth, openness, and a dash of humour to establish a nonjudgmental therapeutic relationship, where clients are able to explore where they may be feeling stuck, develop new adaptive strategies, and create a more fulfilling life.

About Our Show

The experts at Shift Psychological are on a mission to make the world of psychology approachable, easy to understand, and (*gasp*) enjoyable. Join us as we break things down, without all the psychobabble.

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Gaze Of The Heart | Ania Telfer
Gaze Of The Heart | Ania Telfer

Join Literally Tens of Listeners Worldwide

Well… while we are just launching the podcast. Shift Psychological has grown to now be helping thousands of people. It is conceivable that these people live worldwide and are represented by these pins on a map. Either way the graphic makes, “The Shift Show”, look like a massive production… OK?