32 Life Optimization and Guided Life Analysis Follow-up with Dr. Lindsay Sewall and Zac Erickson

Dr. Lindsay and Zac get together for the second episode in the two part series on life analysis. If you did not listen to episode 31 or do the workbook from the previous episode.

To guide you through some of these questions, we’ve developed this resource to help you kick your quarantine blues and develop a strategy that will work for you. It contains an overview of the foundation of our protocol, which people seem to really like. We can’t blame them. More specifically, you’ll learn about and benefit from our COVID-19 specialty protocol that we’re currently using to support our clients. In addition, we’ve included some interactive worksheets to help you with your goal-setting and life optimization. What more could you want?! 

Happy quarantining! But seriously, stay healthy, stay inside, and do your Life Analysis.

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