Dr. Kristine Wolski discusses adult education and specializing in understanding how to help people grow, learn, share and change. She eventually focused on harnessing the power of narrative to affect real change in peoples lives. Allowing people to move away from their old frameworks of reference and make changes to affectively, in her particular case, stay out of prison.

Zac mentions that limiting beliefs can often be the destabilizing factor which undermines one’s personal story or myth. Kristine points out that there are foundational lessons that can be derived from stories in terms of not just, “what to do” but also, “what not to do”. 

2 comments on “015 The transformative nature of stories with Dr. Kristine Wolski
  1. John says:

    Excellent topic, and really enjoyed the story about the tattoo.

    1. shiftshow says:

      Thanks for the comment John! 🙂

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