Month: April 2018

010 Brené Brown is my spirit animal


At the end of February, a few of our staff went to Banff and attended The Gathering – an exclusive union of the world’s bravest brands. The keynote speaker was Brené Brown, a well-respected ‘shame and vulnerability’ researcher and storyteller.

In this episode of the Shift Show, Zac talks with our very own Dr. Lindsay Sewall – a Brené Brown fanatic – about what she learned from Brown while at The Gathering.

“If we dress rehearse tragedy in great moments, then we squander the joy we need when hard things happen.” – Brené Brown

“Until we receive support without judgement, we cannot give support without judgement.” – Brené Brown


009 Healthy Eating with Guac Till You Drop

We sit down with foodie and recipe creator Kimberly Menard who shares her thoughts on healthy and nutritional eating. After cutting meat out of her diet three years ago, her quest to find more energy from food began. Kim then started ‘Guac till you drop’ on social media to help inspire others to eat healthy and get the nutrition they need. With over 2000 followers on Instagram, Kim is known for trying new recipes and experimenting with food. 

“Everyone should have a strong, foundational knowledge of nutrition,” Kim says. “Often times what we think is healthier actually isn’t. It’s important to understand what we are buying and why we are eating it.”

Visit Kim’s website to get inspired and access amazing healthy recipes!

Instagram: @guactillyoudrop

Facebook: Guac Till You Drop

008 Katelyn Scott Cares

In this episode of The Shift Show, Zac and Katelyn Scott discuss the challenges of caregiving for someone with Dementia.