Month: March 2018

007 Champion Mindset with Jelena Mrdjenovich

Eight time World Boxing Champion Jelena Mrdjenovich guest stars on The Shift Show. Main points: supportive parents, passionate and caring coaches, being the best version of yourself, distractions are your worse enemy.

006 The Cult Gathering with Andrea McTague and Dr. Lindsay Sewall

Every single person who works in your company is a brand ambassador. A company needs to clearly state it’s core values and hire employees that not only hold these core values in belief but also embody them through action.

005 Lets Talk About Sex with Natasha Helfer Parker

Natasha Helfer Parker runs an online and in-office practice where you can find life coaching and therapy solutions to a variety of issues you may be facing, regardless of geography and with a variety of providers who can offer different rates and times of availability.