Month: February 2018

004 People bug me but I have this pet that doesn’t…

Zac & Kristi discuss how pets can make Therapy and life in general less intimidating. Animal Assisted Therapy can help bring people into the moment and combat the anxiety that often comes with unfamiliar situations.

Animals will teach you patience and responsibility. Discipline and physical fitness seems to be a natural result of dog ownership in particular. Zac shared a story about having a Beta-Fish for his son to learn responsibility only to learn that they can survive almost anything.

Disclaimer: Kristi is not a certified Animal Assisted Therapist but she is working to get Gator certified in the near future!

003 Being incapable is a good starting point

We all have a pretty good idea of what we would call that nurturing system within ourselves to take care of and love children and other people that we love and that we want to take care of and appreciate in our lives. We can aim for that in ourselves in a way. Literally just take that same thing and you turn it on yourself and you can feel compassion for yourself.

002 Limiting Belief Coloured Glasses

Limiting Beliefs start to form quite early in life. You may never actually consciously think ,”I am not good enough” but you may feel that all the time. Limiting Beliefs are often experienced as a feeling rather than an actual thought. We often say that they are not rational.